Confirmation Service Project Information


There is an ancient tradition within our Church of Candidates for Confirmation preparing to receive the Holy Spirit by dedicating themselves to Christian Service for others. Confirmation Students are asked to be willing to extend themselves on behalf of others in obedience to Jesus’ teaching: “I assure you, as often as you did it for one of my least brothers, you did it for me.” (Matthew 25:35-40)


  • 2 projects during 7th grade year  (each project is at least a 2 hour commitment)

  • 2 projects during 8th grade year (one of these 8th grade projects is to be done with sponsor if at all possible)




  • SPS students may do service projects around the school, which are not on this list, as long as they get the signature of a teacher or principal.




  • Click FORMS button to describe your projects.  Please give all info requested. Forms due a month before CONFIRMATION.

  • For the Witness Signature – they may be signed by the parish service coordinator(the adult with whom or for whom you performed the service).

  • If you received a letter for your service, or want to provide additional information about the project, please attach to the service project form.

               CONFIRMATION SERVICE PROJECTS 2020-2021

ST. PETER’S ST. VINCENT DePAUL PANTRY DAYS– volunteers help Mrs. Pascale  pack up food boxes, carry them out to the cars and interact with the families who receive the food donations.  At Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’ll be carrying turkeys and gifts. The pantry is located in the Convent building. The dates are first come first served-four slots are open for each date.  The time is 10-12 am, Saturday mornings. 

Note: Volunteers are asked to collect coffee and laundry detergent to bring to your pantry day.  These two items are highly requested but are rarely donated.  Only collect these items from people you know and trust. Please do not go door-to-door to solicit these items. 


Public Square Rosary Crusade - Please join Fr. Cesar for the 2020 Public Square Rosary Crusade praying for our nation on October 10 after the 9 am Mass, outdoors in front of the Lourdes Grotto. Our nation is in great need of public prayer, repentance and conversion. We ask God to save America through the Rosary of His Most Holy Mother. The service will conclude with a consecration to Our Lady and her Crowning as our Queen.

Volunteers will get service credit for coming out to pray the Rosary with the parish.  Volunteers may be asked to help set-up and clean-up chairs.

 Leaf Removal and Grounds Cleanup - volunteers  rake leaves and other outdoor or church projects.  So bundle up, bring your garden gloves and rake and help to keep St. Peter beautiful.  Leaves should be bagged and thrown away in the dumpster. There is no supervision for this project and can be done anytime you want during the week you sign up.  Project time is 1-2 hours.  

CHRISTMAS CHURCH CLEANING – volunteers will work together, under the direction of Mrs. Lipenta,  to polish the church pews and clean the vestibules.  Please arrive as soon as you get out of school and can get to the church but no later than 4 p.m.