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Our Lady of Fatima Statue - The Legion of Mary invites you to a week with Our Lady of Fatima. To have the statue visit your home, please call Mary Ellen at 856-952-6496.


The Knights of Columbus are looking for Catholic Men 18 years and older interested in helping those in need, serving our parish and growing in faith. For more information on becoming a Knight, e-mail Mike O'Callaghan, Membership Director, at or speak with any member of the Knights of Columbus Council #6735.



We are currently in need of pasta sauce, canned vegetables, cereal, pasta, mac & cheese, canned soup, boxed potatoes, tuna, peanut butter, jelly, canned fruit, baked beans, coffee, hot chocolate, brownie mix and cookies for our Pantry Day. If you can’t donate food, you can put money in the poor boxes around the perimeter of the church and we will buy the food that we need.

If you or anyone you know needs assistance, call our hotline at 856-904-7397. Thank you for all your generosity to our Ministry!


There is an opportunity to dedicate a parish vestment in memory of your deceased loved one. The vestment will be used on a regularly basis for the celebration of Mass by the priests of the parish at St. Peter’s. The donation is $2000.00.
If interested, please call the rectory. 

Steve Bagocius, Helen Bennett, Lisa Bennett, Theresa Berrios, Betty Bisceglie, Barbara Brownholtz, Bernadette Burke, Patrick Burke,
Craig Campbell, Patti Cancelli, Joelle Chattin, Anthony Ciarroccki, Ed Cigich, John Coyle, Tony DePasquale, Mary Engle, Peter Esposito, Marc Ferraiolo, Barbara Flaherty, Robert J. Frett, Ronnie Gale, Daniel Glazer, Diana Gonzalez, Barbara Green, Janet Hartigan, Matthew Herb, Charles Heifet, Vincent Iannuzzi, Bob Jamison, Ellen Jamison, Thaddeus Kanigowski, Emma King, Joseph Lesniak, Karen Lewis, Regina Mangan, Jose Marrero, Savannah McHughes, Gladys Meade, Jacob Mika, Daniel Murphy, Carolyn Neisley, Eileen O’Brien,
Bella Palmer, Frank Pedano, Janice Pepino, Leona Pewor, John Phillips, Lois Picknally, Landon Reid, Kelly Ross, Myles Ross, Cole Ross, Rafael Rubino, Elsie Schatzle, Steve Schatzle, Anna Marie Schickling, Fred Schwartz, James Shue, Regina Shue, Rose Smyth, Ann Sokorai,
Kristine Stahl, John Stefanski, Mark Stevens, Carole Szcykalski, Joe Teti, Kenny Tischner, Vince Trombetta, Joseph Vena, IV, Margaret Verbilla, Anne T. Visco, Anthony Visco, Eva Vitella, Rita Walker, Jack Walker, and Steve Weber.

May God heal them in mind, body and spirit! Thank you for your prayers for our sick and shut-ins. PLEASE call the Rectory at 856-663-1373 when your loved one has recovered!

Adoration Chapel



Thank you for those who responded and filled the open time slots!


Please prayerfully consider signing up to be a substitute should there be a need to cover an hour.


Call Flora at 856-304-5140 or 856-665-4833 to be added to the list.

Miraculous Medal Novena

Our Miraculous Medal Novena is held on the first Monday of the month, unless noted otherwise in our Bulletin. 

Important Reminders ...

     Please call the Rectory at 856-663-1373 to request a Priest to administer the Sacrament of Anointing for yourself or a sick loved one. Please do not wait until the moment of death or a health emergency to request this Sacrament of Healing and Health!

     Due to HIPAA privacy regulations, please remember that the call must come from the individual or a family member.

     Arrangements can be made for those homebound parishioners who would like to receive Holy Communion. Our Extraordinary Ministers of Communion are happy to serve your needs. Please call the Rectory at 856-663-1373 to make arrangements.

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