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  • Rev. Timothy E Byerley, Ph.D


I am overjoyed to announce that another young man from our parish will be entering the seminary at the end of this month to study for the priesthood for the Diocese of Camden. His name is Theo Deluhery. You may recognize him as one of our senior altar servers. His family is very active in the parish and his brother, Marty, is also a senior server.

Theo will be studying at St. Andrew’s Seminary, Seton Hall, but we will be seeing him regularly at St. Peter’s over the next few years. Theo is excited to begin his priestly formation process and grateful to God for his calling.

We congratulate his Mom, Liz; his Dad, Matt; his brother, Marty; and his sisters, Amy and Sarah for the grace that they also share with Theo in the mystery of his vocation. Please keep Theo and his family in your constant prayers.

Below is a brief autobiography written by Theo and a photo that will enable you to recognize him immediately.

St. Peter, pray for him!

Fr. Tim Byerley Pastor


Hello Everyone,

As many of you may know, but for those who may not, my name is Theo Deluhery, and for many years my family and I have been parishioners here at St. Peter Church in Merchantville. For nine years I've served at the altar and have come to know many of you, but as my parish family you should know a little about me.

Theo Deluhery

I am the third of four siblings. My twin sisters, Amy and Sarah, are 22 and my brother Martin, whom you have seen on the altar many times, is 19. I was born in Pune, India on September 21, 2000. When I was 21 months old, I joined my family through international adoption. When my parents adopted me, my family lived in Iowa where my parents are originally from. Since then I've lived in North Carolina and now New Jersey. I was homeschooled and I just finished my freshman year of college at Rowan University in Burlington County.

Before I started serving on the altar, I felt the call to the priesthood. I had heard that one should never ignore a calling to the priesthood or religious life, but to pray about it and be open to it, and God will let you know. Ever since then, I've tried to answer this call as far as God has led me. Being accepted into the seminary is the next step and I am grateful for the chance to discern further while there.

I pray I get to know all of you a little better during this time of discernment and I deeply appreciate your prayers.

May God bless all of you.

Theo Deluhery

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