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  • Rev. Timothy E Byerley, Ph.D

Get Your Tree!

Over the years St. Peter’s has gained the reputation of offering one of the most splendid celebrations of Christmas in the region. This display of faith helps everyone to appreciate the meaning behind Christmas: “A Savior is born to us!”

One of the most public dimensions of our celebration is the Christmas trees on our front lawn spanning the property. Passers-by cannot but notice the splendorous array of pines and lights that mark the holiday.

Beneath this inspiring display is the deep devotion of St. Peter’s parishioners to their loved ones, living and deceased. Each tree memorializes some family member during this sacred season saying as it were, “You are not forgotten. You are with us as we gather for our Christmas dinner.”

In three weeks, we will have our festive tree-lighting ceremony on Saturday, December 10th after the 5:00 PM Mass. Our St. Peter’s School Choir will be performing and we will be serving hot chocolate and cookies. Everyone is invited.

If you have not yet procured your tree, pick up a green form on the pews by the exits of the church and memorialize your loved ones, living or deceased, or simply honor your family or dedicate a tree to some personal petition. The deadline is November 30th. You will enjoy your Christmas dinner all the more knowing that your tree shines brilliantly in the name of your special intention.

God bless you,

Fr. Tim Byerley



In celebration of the Birth of Jesus, we have:

  • A tree (remembrance of what Jesus did on the cross which is called a tree).

  • Lights and ornaments (representational of the glory, and wonder of what Jesus did on the cross). In the days of old, Christians used candles on the tree, which was a connection also to the Church.​

  • A star at the top, representing the star that was above Jesus Christ at his birth time. Or perhaps an angel on top, representing the angel that told the shepherds of the birth of the King.​

  • Often a nativity scene, which is a model that depicts the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas time.​

  • And the gifts? Gift giving is a serious part of the tradition of Christmas, started by God himself: God gave us the gift of Jesus on his birth (Christmas). The wise men gave Jesus gifts when they arrived at the nativity. Jesus gave us the gift of salvation on the tree, as well as countless other gifts. We give our hearts, minds and souls to Jesus Christ.

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