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  • Rev. Timothy E Byerley, Ph.D

A Different World ...

Dear Friends:

Even five years ago who could have predicted that our world would be turned upside down so rapidly? Our most deeply held values are now undermined, if not directly attacked. Today, good parents are rightfully afraid to let their children use public bathrooms. Open disregard for fundamental moral principles is the norm, and those who uphold biblical values are marginalized, ridiculed, insulted or punished.

Along side, or perhaps because of this rejection of God and his commandments, we witness random violence perpetrated against innocent members of our western society in the name of religion. While the unborn have been at risk for decades, the growing reality of terrorism reveals a ruthless hatred for all things Christian, and victimizes entire societies even if they have only a nominal connection to Christianity.

Many deeply spiritual people, often referred to as modern day prophets, people like the children of Fatima and the Servant of God Maria Esperanza, have warned us that these kinds of things would come to pass unless we returned to God and his sacred covenant. They also reminded us that prayer is more powerful than bombs, that God would intervene on our behalf if we would only repent and return to him with all our hearts.

My friends, I cannot urge you strongly enough to pray the family rosary every day! We know how the final chapter of this story reads: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” Nevertheless, we must assume our part in hastening this victory of Divine Love.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

Fr. Tim Byerley


12 Tips for Praying the Family Rosary Daily

  1. Pray using alternation (The father prays first half of Our Father and everyone else prays second half – same goes for Hail Mary and Glory be).

  2. Pray the Rosary after dinner but right before bed – this means homework needs to be finished before dinner.

  3. Pray the Holy Rosary always at the same place at the exact same time. Devotions become strong – even invincible – by constant custom and habit.

  4. Pray the Rosary in a special room and set up a little altar with a Bible on it, candles, a statue or image, holy water, or a relic.

  5. Dim the lights and light the candles when you begin.

  6. Maybe begin with a hymn or Bible reading to slow things down and set the tone.

  7. The father sets the example. Dad might consider kneeling for the whole Rosary. This communicates importance and solemnity to the Rosary.

  8. Make it a rule that the child who prays all the responses and volunteers to lead a mystery (10 beads) gets to stay up 10 minutes more than everyone else.

  9. The one who gets to stay up also gets to blow out the candle at the end.

  10. End with invoking everyone’s patron saint (your children’s names, confirmation names, and other patrons).

  11. If family Rosary is new, start with one decade for a week. Then go to three for a week. Then go to five decades on the third week. Then don’t ever stop.

  12. After the daily Rosary is established in your home, have each child announce a mystery and pray the whole decade. They’ll learn to memorize all the mysteries of the Holy Rosary – which means they will have memorized the biblical account of Christ’s life, death, and glory! This is why the Rosary is called “the Bible on beads."

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