Thursday, April 9, Noon to 1:00 p.m.
(Available in Sacristy)
(Streaming Live on Facebook)
Holy Thursday, April 9: 7:00 p.m.
Good Friday, April 10: 3:00 p.m.
Holy Saturday, April 11: 8:00 p.m.
Easter Sunday, April 12: 9:00 a.m.

"Garabandal, Only God Knows" is based on real life events that took place in a small village in Spain in the 1960s.  The small village of San Sebastian de Garabandal was marked by the presence of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.  In nearly 3,000 public apparitions between the years 1961 and 1965, she appeared to four girls, between 11 and 12 years of age:  Conchita González, Mari Cruz González, Jacinta González y Mari Loli Mazón.

The first apparition took place on June 18, 1961.  St. Michael the Archangel appeared to the four girls during a period of several days in order to prepare them for the coming of Our Lady.  She would appear on the Sunday afternoon of July 2, 1961.


These apparitions to the girls in Garabandal continued for four years.  The day-to-day events in Garabandal were a message in themselves.  The Virgin Mary interacted with the girls like an authentic mother.  She won them over with her tenderness and her gestures of affection.  She spoke with them, giving them confidence so that they could express themselves and tell her everything.  She made the most of these conversations to educate them.  She also corrected them when necessary and played with them.  The apparitions ended on November 13, 1965. For information on the Church’s statements and current position:


Garabandal, Only God Knows will be available for viewing online free of charge both in Spanish and English on the film’s official webpage:

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers Plenary Indulgence on Good Friday at Noon

(Recited wherever you are)

Dear Parishioners,


I take this opportunity to convey to you that the Most Reverend José Gomez of Los Angeles, President, invites you to join in prayer in the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT this Good Friday, April 10, 2020.


By a special grant from the Apostolic Penitentiary of the Holy See for those who pray for the end of the pandemic, a plenary indulgence is available for those who join Archbishop Gomez in praying the Litany of the Sacred Heart on Good Friday. A plenary Indulgence removes all of the temporal punishment due to sins and may be applied to oneself or to the souls of the deceased [Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 1471].


To receive this indulgence, a member of the faithful would need to:


a) pray the Litany of the Sacred Heart on Good Friday


b) be truly repentant of any sins they have committed and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (at the earliest opportunity)


c) pray for the Holy Father’s intentions.




I will live stream this prayer in our Church at Noon on Good Friday for anyone who may wish to tune in.


Fr. Tim Byerley


COVID-19 Impacts Parish Finances and Staffing at St. Peter Parish

Dear Parishioners,

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered our parish life, most notably cancelled Masses and activities, and has had a major impact on parish finances. The parish did not have the funds even to make it through the month of April and the Diocese has instructed pastors that, “at their own discretion they may need to make changes in staffing, office hours, and the like in order to maintain control over the parish budget and because of reduced need for services.” (Memorandum, March 17, 2020)


Being pro-active as the Diocese instructed so as to avoid a total parish financial free-fall, it was necessary to furlough, layoff, or change hours for all employees; all have been notified. No employee was unaffected by these changes, including myself (a voluntary salary reduction). I want to inform you of the changes I have made.


For now and for the foreseeable future I have:

  • Reduced the pay and/or hours of 7 employees

  • Furloughed 7 employees

  • Laid off 2 employees

These changes resulted in a salary savings of $24,359/month.


For now and continuing into the future I have:

  • Eliminated 2 full-time positions*

  • Parish Business Manager

  • Senior Ministry/Development Director

Eliminated 1 part time position* 

  • Parish Secretary


Created 1 part-time position – at a maximum cost of $26,870/yr* when fully implemented

  • Parish Bookkeeper


*This includes all costs related to the position: salary, taxes, pension, medical and severance.

The net yearly savings from these decisions is $158,068.


I have explained these decisions to our parish trustees, parish council president and finance council president. The Fiscal Year 2021 budget will have to be rewritten. We have been instructed to be very cautious as we plan for fiscal year 2021. It may take a long time, a year or more, to recover from the damage caused by the pandemic. In the long run, reduced giving may also be the result of some parishioners unable to sustain their previous generosity, or even perhaps a reduction in Mass attendance itself. As of March 17, 2020 the Senior Center has been closed; its future is uncertain.

Every one of these decisions affecting our parish employees was heart-wrenching. Each one of them is a great Catholic, a great employee and a great friend. As a pastor, this is one of the most difficult tasks to be confronted with. In cases like this, attempting to balance the financial survival of the parish (like every other parish in the country) with the respective well being of these beloved individuals is never sufficiently achieved. If these cuts could be avoided, they would be. Please keep these outstanding people in prayer in their pursuit of employment or other means of income.

May God deliver us from this pandemic!


Our Lady, health of the sick, pray for us!

Fr. Tim Byerley

Latest Update for St. Peter Parish
(Compliant with the Governor’s and Bishop’s Instructions)



The March 23, 2020 update from the Bishop’s Office has changed some restrictions.  See revisions below as they apply to us.  Please be advised that these policies are subject to change at any time depending upon updated State and Ecclesiastical directives.  


Sunday/Weekday Masses

Bishop Sullivan directs that all public Sunday and weekday Masses be suspended until further notice.  This restriction continues as is.  The Sunday parish Mass at St. Peter Church will be posted on our website and Facebook page each weekend.  For live streaming of the Sunday Mass elsewhere, go to  NOTE:  All currently scheduled St. Peter’s Mass intentions will be honored in the private Masses of the priests.


Church Visits

As of March 23, 2020, the Diocesan directives state that churches may be opened, but exposition of the Blessed Sacrament cannot be resumed at this time.  Strict social distancing must be observed.  We will be disinfecting the church regularly.  It will be periodically closed for several hours for disinfecting.  Signs will be posted on the church doors during the disinfecting procedure.  Beginning Tuesday, March 24, 2020 the Church will be open from:  7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  The exception will be 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. on Saturday for the recording of the weekend Mass.



The regular Confession schedule will now be as follows:


Noon– 1:00 p.m.


4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

7:00 – 7:30 p.m.


All Confessions will be in the crying room in Church.


Penitents must maintain a distance of six-feet apart while in line for confession.



All public funeral services are cancelled. Burials may not be able to wait, but only 10 people may attend a burial, at which a priest may preside. The priest must celebrate a private Mass for the deceased person the day of the burial and inform the family that he is doing so.



Weddings have been temporarily suspended.


Baptisms have temporarily been suspended, with the exception of emergency Baptisms.


We are awaiting instructions from the Bishop’s Office as to the celebration of Confirmation this year.

Anointing of the Sick

The celebration of the Anointing of the Sick and Viaticum will take place as needed.  Call the Rectory @ 856-663-1373 anytime should a serious need arise.


Holy Week and Sacred Triduum

Bishop Sullivan has announced the changes to Holy Week and the Easter Triduum. You can read them by clicking here.


All other parish religious and social activities are cancelled until further notice.


St. Peter School

Classes are cancelled until further notice.  School families will receive constant updates from our Principal, Mr. Joseph Saffioti.


Religious Education

All Religious Education (C.C.D.) classes are cancelled until further notice.  Our coordinator of Religious Education, Stephanie Vostenak, is keeping all parents and students informed about our on-line learning platforms during this period.



Continue to monitor our website or call the Rectory at 856-663-1373.


Courage, my dear friends, during this challenging time.  We will pass through it by the Grace of God!


You are constantly in my prayers and Masses,


Fr. Tim



Welcome, and thank you for visiting Saint Peter Roman Catholic Church online. We hope that our website highlights the wide variety of worship, fellowship and service opportunities available. Please feel free to read more about our church on this site, or come in for a visit. We would love to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and for you, our neighbor.

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We, the parishioners of Saint Peter Church, a community of faithful believers, possess a profound, reverential love for our Roman Catholic faith, as expressed through the Magisterium of the Church. Nourished by the Word of God and frequent reception of the Sacraments, we draw strength from our devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament, evident in Perpetual Adoration, and our filial love for the Blessed Virgin Mary.



Our church offers a traditional setting for your most sacred celebration.

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